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¡Saludos friends and fam!

Oh, this year. Call it a doozy or a nightmare, it’s been nothing short of a full-blown challenge. We don’t know about you, but we are needing some human love, connection, and caffeine to get our bums out of bed these days. So… we’re moving forward with Convivio Café!

Convivio is a women- and immigrant-owned, Guatemalan-inspired cafe built around the Guatemalan convivio—a get-together where all are welcome. Our simple goal is to be good neighbors. How? By serving quality coffee and food rooted in culture, and by welcoming the multicultural fabric of our Southwest Denver community.

Our vision is a community of crowded tables filled with diverse folks, enriching conversation, and warm food and drink that values the cultures they came from.

I know what you’re thinking - Sounds nice, but we’re in the middle of a pandemic! I can’t go to your coffee shop!

That’s why we’re bringing it straight to YOU.

Before we open our doors next spring, we’re launching a program to send a taste of Convivio straight to your doorstep, with our Convivio Coffee Cajas. Coffee whatchas?

A Convivio Coffee Caja is a Guate in a box -- a taste of what’s to come. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Our special Convivio house blend of farmer-roasted coffee straight from Guatemalan farmers to you

  • Homemade Guatemalan coffee-dunking cookies called champurradas (vegan!)

  • Ingredient kit to make your own, traditional organic Rosa de Jamaica (hibiscus tea)

Want to do something good for the world? Need something to look forward to? Want a covid-free trip to Guatemala? Buy a box for yourself! Buy a box for a friend who needs extra love this week! Snag ‘em here!

Then tweet it. ‘gram it. Put it on your MySpace (really?). Text all your friends and family.

After you swoon over that first cup of brew, fall in love with champurradas, and down your rosy hibiscus tea, we’ve got 2 asks from you.

  • Drop us a line. Tell us what you liked and didn’t. What do you hope for the next round? (

  • Spread the word. Businesses, especially brick and mortars, cost money and we’re looking for investors. We need about $10-20K in startup funds to get some of this early biz rolling for a 2021 opening. Know someone? We’re asking our people, our VIP of love and socially-distanced affection, to put out feelers.

Your support drives us like the caffeine in our veins! We couldn’t do this without you and we don’t want to. We’re stronger together, and with a little zing from a cup of farmer-roasted coffee, we will get through this! Thank you, in advance, from the bottom of our sweet corazones.


The Convivio Café Team

Vivi & Kristin

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