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How our partners do it!

90% of the profits in the coffee supply chain are in roasting. We value Central American farmer partners by paying beyond fair-trade prices for coffee that is grown, roasted and packaged at its point of origin. When farmers roast, they earn four times more per pound. And the quality? Farmer-roasters are rivaling the best craft roasters around the world.


Coffees are hand-crafted and roasted to order in the country of origin, then shipped within 24 hours of being roasted. The coffee is degassing on the way, through the valve on the bag, so by the time you get it it's in it's optimal peak of flavor for consumption.

Want to learn more about our farmer-roasted model? Read our recent story in 5280 Magazine!

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Image : Vega Coffee 2020


Gento Coffee, women-owned, is grown and roasted by Guatemalan farmers straight to your doorstep

Gento, inspired by the word "gente" in Spanish meaning "people", is revolutionizing inefficient value chains by providing the world with direct access to the best coffee produced 100% at origin.  Their team of Guatemalan family farmers travels around the country in search of amazing coffees, and perfectly roasts each one in small batches to bring out it's unique flavor characteristics, assuring a delicious and balanced cup. 10% of every bag sold is invested back into rural communities education and nutrition projects. 


"We are farmers ourselves, so we know what it takes to produce great coffee applying sustainable practices, we also understand the needs of our producing partners." ​

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Vega Coffee is the leader and pioneer in the farmer-roasted movement, bringing delicious single-origin coffees from Nicaraguan and Colombian Farmer Roasters.

Most farmers sell their coffee as a commodity to middlemen who then sell it to roasters before it is sold again as a consumer-ready product. 90% of the profits in the coffee supply chain are in roasting, leaving farmers with the most at stake earning the smallest share. Vega is doing things differently, working with small-scale farmers and giving them the tools and training to roast and package their coffee. Vega Coffee is grown, roasted, packaged and shipped from its point of origin. 

"By selling direct to you, farmers earn more, we can charge less and you get premium coffee crafted from micro lots of the finest coffee varietals delivered straight to you at a fair price.”


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