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Café y Más (coffee and more)


Our drinks are freshly made to order, brewed with only the best Guatemalan coffee and tea. We're proud to get our dairy locally from Morning Fresh, and proud to make all our syrups in house. Anything can be made iced to refresh you on those sunny Colorado days!

Cafe del Día image

Cafe del Día

Coffee of the day. We are so proud of our delicious, single-origin coffees from Guatemala that keep more profit in the hands of producers. All our coffees are roasted light to medium, and give you the opportunity to taste the rainbow of flavors of Guatemala. Ask your barista for tasting notes on our rotating coffee of the day!

Cafe con Leche (Latte) image

Cafe con Leche (Latte)

Our Guatemalan version of a latte. Freshly brewed espresso mixed with your choice of milk steamed up with a small cap of microfoam to coat your lips as you drink. Nostalgia in a cup. Add a shot of house-made syrups to sweeten to your liking!

Capuccino image


A traditional, Italian-style cappuccino with a pillowy blanket of milk foam on top of freshly brewed espresso.

Chai Preparado  image

Chai Preparado

Our house-made chai, from more than 10 authentic spices including cardamom, black pepper, ginger, cinnamon and more. Not too spicy, not too sweet, just right. We mix it with your choice of milk steamed to a creamy perfection. Add a shot of espresso if you'd like, or sweeten it up with our house-made cinnamon syrup!

Té Caliente image

Té Caliente

Our teas are incredibly unique, artisanal blends from the highlands of Totonicapán, Guatemala. A cooperative of Mayan women grow all the herbs, dry and process them, create the blends to maximize the medicinal benefits, and even give them their creative names! Try an Enfoca-Té to focus for the afternoon, or a Cuida-Té to give your body a boost of wellness. Ask your barista for other recommendations and tasting notes.

Cortadito image


A classic choice for those who love our espresso. Equal parts espresso and your choice of milk, steamed to perfection. Start your day off right!

Chocolatado image


Made with real, Guatemalan chocolate locally processed at Cultura, our chocolatado is one of our most popular picks on the menu. The taste of real cacao, a slight sweetness, chocolate crumbles that stay on your lips after your sip... come try one! If you like it sweet, try adding a shot of house-made cinnamon syrup.

*Picosita* image


For those who like it hot! Our unique latte recipe with chocolate, chile cobanero (spice from Guatemala), and a sweet touch for good measure. Mix with espresso and your choice of milk steamed to perfection, topped with chocolate and chile cobanero flakes.

*Dulce de Latte*

For our sweet tooth folks. Our unique homemade latte recipe with dulce de leche syrup, topped with whipped cream and a crunchy dust from our alfajores.

*Bon-Bon*  image


For our Cubanos and Puerto Riqueños, our Convivio twist on a sweet espresso classic. Sweet and condensed milk, two ounces of bright espresso, a cap of foamy goodness. Strong, sweet and fast!

*Romero Santos* image

*Romero Santos*

For our bachata lovers! Honoring the king of bachata, Romeo Santos, with our house-made rosemary syrup, espresso, your choice of steamed milk, and topped with orange peel dust and a sprig of rosemary. Its woody and citrusy at the same time, perfect for your spring palate.


Anything in our warm beverage menu can be made over ice. Also, try one of our refreshing cool beverage specials!

Frappe image


A frozen blended latte for your refreshing summertime vibes! Mix with our house-made syrups, and top with whipped cream or a caramel drizzle.

Cold Brú image

Cold Brú

NOT iced coffee! This is our amazing Guatemalan beans, roasted at origin, brewed 24 hours in cold water to bring out that natural sweetness we love from cold brew. Mix it with your favorite milk or house-made syrup.

Agua Fresca image

Agua Fresca

We make our aguas frescas fresh daily, from local Colorado fruits and real ingredients! We'll always have a classic Guatemalan Rosa de Jamaica, but ask your barista for rotating flavors throughout the season.

Licuado image


Fruit smoothies made from real fruit, direct from Colombia. Passionfruit, Guava, Soursop or Naranjilla... the tropics in a cup! Top with fresh coconut or cacao nibs for some extra nutrients!

*Sol Tonic * image

*Sol Tonic *

A perfect pick me up for the summery, sunny days. Espresso brewed over a slice of California blood orange, poured on top of a cool glass of tonic water. Citrusy, tangy, espresso... this is the perfect twist for an iced americano lover.


We make our pastries here in the café! With love, with authentic ingredients rooted in our Guatemalan culture, and without too much sugar. Keep an eye out for rotating pastries from other Latin American chefs in town.

We're proud to serve several gluten free and dairy free options.


Productos / Retail

We are proud to support local small businesses, especially those owned by women, immigrants and people of color. Check out our retail shelves at the café next time you come in!





Guate Independence Day!

Mercados / Farmers Market

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