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¿Se te antoja? 

Craving some yet?

We're reimagining the Café menu, infusing flavors rooted in culture that celebrate the diversity in our city while reminding us of home.

.  We are proud to offer vegetarian, dairy free, vegan and gluten-free options on our menu.

Our menu rotates seasonally as we support Colorado farmers as much as possible in our ingredients

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Breakfast, Lunch and Antojitos

Healthy breakfast, lunch and snack plates to share. We make everything in house, with fresh real ingredients. Come try a new Guatemalan flavor with us.

Tostada Trio image

Tostada Trio

A classic Guatemalan street food that is healthy, hearty and mouth watering. Three tostadas topped with different spreads made in house - Guatemalan frijolitos, red bell pepper and tomato sauce, and Guatemalan style guac. Parsley cheese and onions sprinkled on top. Add our pickled veggie mix - curtido - for some extra tang and vitamins!

Burrito Chapin image

Burrito Chapin

Colorado loves our breakfast burritos! Try this one, which is the taste of Guatemala in a bite. Traditional black beans, roasted garlic potatoes, queso fresco, fresh eggs and homemade salsa. Not spicy, but try some hot sauce from Guatemalan-owned Green Belly Foods on the side!

Pudín de Chia image

Pudín de Chia

Move over parfait, you won't be able to pass on this overnight oats, chia and greek yogurt bowl. With a whopping 17g of protein, topped with pepitas, fresh Colorado seasonal fruit and coconut, this dish is one of our best sellers for in the café or on the go!

Pan con Aguacate image

Pan con Aguacate

Like avocado toast, this dish shows off our Guatemalan style guac, topped with Colorado microgreens, our house-made pepitoria (seed and spice mix special from guatemala) and queso fresco. Crunchy, savory and fresh, while bringing all the nutrients.

Sopa image


Our home-made soup recipes rotate each couple months, so you can try the rainbow of flavors of traditional Guatemalan stews! Find the rich black bean soup in the fall, Guicöy (squash soup) in the winter, Jocón (tomatillo based stew) in the Spring, and Lentejitas (lentils and veggies in the summer.... and stay tuned for more! Our soups are vegetarian and vegan, and always filled with Guate love.

Frijoles con Plataninas image

Frijoles con Plataninas

Traditional Guatemalan black beans, topped with queso fresco, pepitoria (Guatemalan seed and spice mix), fresh parsley and a bit of chile spice! Served with plantain chips and ready to share with the table.

Fruta Preparada image

Fruta Preparada

A dish you would find everywhere on the street in Central America - juicy, tropical fruit! We top it with pepitoria (a Guatemalan spice and seed mix) for some crunch, drizzle it with Colorado honey and lime, and sprinkle a dusting of chile cobanero (a Guatemalan spice). Perfect for a summer day snack.


With support from Chef Zenaida from Zeny's Street Food, we offer rotating Colombian empandas filled with veggies and chicken and served with a side of ají (non-spicy, yummy Colombian herby salsa!)

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